About Professional Restroom Solutions

The founding of PRS came from our belief that we could simply do a more professional job than the other Mobile Restroom providers in our area. The rates we were paying for our construction toilets had risen by over 20% in the last three years and the quality of the units was getting worse.

One day I opened the door for my 6 year old son to use a portable restroom, and it was too nasty for me to allow him to go in. That’s when Erin and I decided we would start PRS.

Our focus is and always will be to provide a sanitary, stocked, and deodorized unit, free from graffiti and fairly priced.

As we laid out our business plan we noticed that there were no high end providers of mobile restrooms and event restroom trailers in our geographic region. We researched high-end providers and decided on JAG Mobile Solutions as the supplier for our mobile event units. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our initial customers and are extremely excited about the future of PRS.


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Portable Restrooms Inside View


Portable Restrooms Inside View